Application for Mercury Marine Dealership

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The following application is for US dealers only.

How to Begin the Application Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Mercury Dealer. Before you begin, please gather the following information/documents. You will need them to complete the form.

For your identity safety do not provide documents that contain personal identifiable information.
  • Basic location and communication information
  • Names of main contacts at your dealership
  • Boat lines currently carried, along with estimated sales and share percentages
  • Engine lines currently carried, along with estimated sales and share percentages
  • Facilities information - sales and service
  • Service technicians (certifications and names)
  • Business principal name(s)
  • Guarantor names and email addresses
  • Photos of your dealership
  • Verification of Legal Business Name, including officers, as registered with the State, ie Articles of Incorporation, LLC Articles of Organization, Partnership Agreement or Corporate Minutes or Resolution

The next step is to send us your email address. That will allow you to access the application form and begin the Mercury Dealer application process. You will also receive an email with a link to reopen the form in case you exit it before completing your application.

Dealer Requirements

These requirements represent only an overview of what is required to be a Mercury Authorized Dealer. The complete details are reviewed and discussed during the application process.

Mercury® Outboard Package Agreement / MerCruiser® Agreement:

Boat Line: Dealer must have an established boat line.

Boat Package Order: Confirmed order of a minimum of 6 Mercury outboard-powered and/or MerCrusier -powered packages is required at the minimum level. Dealers may be required to order more to meet equal representation of boat packages at the dealership, as approved by the Mercury Business Development Manager.

Parts/Tools Required: Annual P&A purchases are to be of at least $5,000 annually, which includes a minimum initial parts, props and oil order, and also includes special tools and the G3 Diagnostic System.

Service: Mercury bills annually for MercNET®, literature and training. A Dealer Service Development Plan (DSDP) is completed with the dealer within the first year in order to evaluate the current level of service at the dealership.

Facility: Showroom and service facility is required, which includes approved Mercury signage.

Market Area: Prior approval of Mercury Representative required.

Mercury® Outboard Stocking Agreement:

• Same as above. Mercury will require a loose outboard order based on market area and program requirement.

• P&A purchases must be of at least $5,000 annually, as noted on contract.

Other Considerations:

• Other considerations, such as service-only contracts, are based on the need for service representation and/or other factors in a specific market and are determined solely by Mercury Marine.

Applicant Information

Application for Mercury Marine Dealership


I understand that if this application is favorably acted upon by Mercury Marine, the parties to the Dealer Agreement will be Mercury Marine and such proposed person or business entity with whom Mercury Marine consents to contract. Mercury Marine will name in the Dealer Agreement the individual(s) upon whose participation in the ownership and/or operation of the proposed dealership operations Mercury Marine will be relying in entering into the Dealer Agreement. In making this application, I acknowledge and understand that:

  1. 1. The receipt of this Application and Questionnaire by Mercury Marine for consideration shall be without any obligations whatsoever on the part of Mercury Marine or any of its representatives.
  2. 2. No one other than the PRESIDENT of Mercury Marine or his/her explicit designate has the authority to approve any application submitted. Such approval, if given, will be only in the form of a written Dealer Agreement executed on behalf of Mercury Marine by either the PRESIDENT or his explicit designate. Any actions taken, expenditures made, or commitments assumed by proposed dealer or by anyone associated with proposed dealer prior to receipt of an executed written Dealer Agreement shall be at the proposed dealer's sole risk and responsibility without any liability or obligation whatsoever on the part of Mercury Marine or any of its representatives.
  3. 3. Neither I nor anyone associated with me in the proposed dealership will be entitled to rely upon any representation or statement indicating approval of this proposed Application by any representative or employee of Mercury Marine or any other person whatsoever prior to receipt of an executed Dealer Agreement.
  4. 4. Any material misrepresentation, whether intentional or unintentional, in the information submitted in connection with this Application and Questionnaire shall be grounds upon which Mercury Marine may (a) elect to no longer consider my Application, (b) immediately terminate any Dealer Agreement executed by Mercury Marine with proposed dealer, or (c) take any other action which Mercury Marine deems appropriate.
  5. 5. Mercury Marine or any agent or affiliate it selects, is hereby continuously authorized to investigate, review, and report on my financial condition and creditworthiness, including personal, employment, credit, business and character information obtained from references, current and former employers and associates, credit bureau, reporting and other investigative agencies, and any other source.
  6. 6. I authorize the full disclosure of all credit information to Mercury Marine on behalf of myself and the proposed dealer.

By checking the "I Agree" button below, I verify that I have reviewed the Dealer Requirements and I understand and agree to the commitments shown thereof. I also verify that the following information provided is accurate.

I agree.