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Government Sales

The Mercury Marine® Government Sales program offers discounted prices and specialized delivery options on products for qualified U.S. government agencies. Products may be purchased directly from Mercury Marine or through Mercury dealers.

Mercury® Castings turns aluminum, iron, and stainless steel into dependable products for customers. Our history of excellence stretches over more than 60 years. Over 25 aluminum product-process-related patents held. Alloy-development expertise recognized by the Aluminum Association's designation of 391 for Mercosil, 367 and 368 for ultra-tough Mercalloy® die casting alloys.


Specializing in electronics, coil winding, plastic injection molding, and integrated assembly. Manufacturing operations in St. Cloud, Florida include plastic injection molding, electronics, coil winding, marinization/weatherproofing, assembly, testing, and kitting. Global partnerships enable us to offer custom products requiring an extensive range of manufacturing processes at competitive prices.


Industry-tested solutions for Product Lifecycle Management implementation. We show how to resolve business issues through PLM, focusing on guidance and vision setting before any investment in a deployment. We view PLM from a manufacturing business user’s vantage point and focus on sound process as the foundation for successful solutions. Our thought leadership and proven methodologies encompass everything from visioning, planning, management on-boarding, and defining business processes to implementing solutions.


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