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A family of overachievers.

As a member of the Brunswick Corporation®, Mercury Marine® is one of several industry-leading marine companies. When you choose a Brunswick product or service you can be assured that your high standards are shared by these brands.

Land’N’Sea, Kellogg Marine Supply and Diversified Marine Products are the largest full service marine wholesale distributors serving the marine industry for over 30 years with more than 60,000 different parts and accessories available from 14 warehouses. The distribution business prides itself in fast, efficient delivery throughout the U.S. and Canada. In cooperation with Mercury Marine’s Latin America and Caribbean division, over 60 additional countries worldwide are served. For many years, the distribution business has been recognized as the industry leader with the most innovative marketing and dealer support programs. The hundreds of men and women on the distribution business team that provide these world-class dealer services invite you to request additional information and apply for an account on-line, or through our customer service department.

Land 'N' Sea is a registered trademark of Brunswick Corporation. Kellogg and Diversifed are trademarks of Brunswick Corporation.
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