Safety & Security
Moving Propeller (MP) Alert

Propeller Alert

A highly visible safety alert. Tells swimmers when an engine is running. Gives you peace of mind.

Moving Propeller (MP) Alert

A highly visible safety alert system designed to provide additional notice to swimmers that the boat’s engine has been started and that the propeller is in motion. The MP Alert is designed for use in a variety of different boating applications and layouts due to its use of one to four 4-inch lights that can be installed on the boat’s stern.

How MP Alert Works

The MP Alert light is activated when the engine’s computer detects that the engine has been started or is in gear. When started, the light will flash and remain lit while the engine is running in neutral. When the engine is shifted into gear (forward or reverse), the light will flash in a rotation – similar to how a propeller rotates. After the engine reaches a predetermined rpm, the light will turn off.

Additionally a sensor will automatically dim the MP Alert at night (90% reduction from daytime illumination), eliminating the chance of the lights being mistaken for navigation lights.