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Nov. 15, 2021

Peter Miller: Making an Impact On and Off the Boat

For Peter Miller, angling, hosting and helping others are all part of the same story.


For some, living in the moment is essential to a fully realized life. Looking too far ahead distracts them from all the beauty and wonder of the here and now. They don’t feel any need to concern themselves with what lies ahead until it should break from the periphery and land squarely at their feet. Still others can’t help but fix their eyes on the next conquest … motivated by the mystery of what comes next and the inevitable adrenaline that tags along for the ride. 

And then there are people like Peter Miller who are compelled to dip their toes in both the shallow and deep ends of life’s pool. Indulging his love for what’s presently at the end of his line, Peter can’t help but simultaneously eye the elusive big fish tempting him in the distance. Balancing these things is a way of life for Peter, enabling him to be centered as well as energized.

Professional angler, TV personality (Emmy-nominated host of Uncharted Waters with Peter Miller, airing on the Discovery Channel and streaming on Amazon, and host of 90 episodes of the popular Bass2Billfish show), three-time world sailfish champion, director, producer, philanthropist, conservationist, father and avid djembe drummer – Peter Miller isn’t the kind of guy who is happy sitting idly in the back of the boat.

Influenced by friends and family and a passion for helping others, Peter’s destiny has been shaped by his experiences both on land and at sea. Like the days he spent fishing for bass and catfish alongside his father at the tender age of three. Perched atop his dad’s tacklebox, this was where Peter’s lifelong fascination with what lies beneath the surface began to take shape.

Then there was the family trip to Florida when Peter was 10 years old. Peter’s father chartered a fishing boat (a sizeable expense for his family), the very boat on which Peter caught his first sailfish. The experience proved emblematic in propelling him toward a life of tournament victories, television success, charity work and conservation, all fueled by Peter’s love for travel, friends and family and a burning need to give back.

And has he ever given back! Both of Peter’s shows have allowed him to parlay his love for fishing into his passion for helping others. Over the years, Peter has worked with some incredible organizations. He has made seven wishes come true with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, going above and beyond to make these experiences memorable. “I have no problem staying out until dark if it means making these deserving children happy. One time, we were out there for 15 hours before finally catching the perfect fish for one incredible young man,” Peter said. “And by the time we were done, we were both crying.” For those who know Peter, that doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, the kinds of big experiences that yield these kinds of big emotions are something he has never shied away from – they’re both familiar and comfortable territory for Peter.

Peter has also worked with Operation Wet Vet, a nonprofit dedicated to using fishing and other boating experiences to help combat veterans who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). He has supported the organization Heroes on the Water and donated countless fishing trips.

These fishing experiences, sold in charity auctions, have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to a variety of causes, including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s After-School All-Stars; the Clara Lionel Foundation, an organization founded by singer Rihanna that helps to fund groundbreaking emergency-preparedness and response programs; and CC Sabathia’s PitCCh In Foundation, which aims to enrich the lives of inner-city youth.

As for what comes next professionally for the three-time world sailfish champion, there is one thing on Peter’s bucket list – completing a Royal Slam. A Royal Slam is defined by an individual angler catching each of the required species within a category per International Game Fish Association (IGFA) International Angling Rules.

For the Billfish category, that means catching an Atlantic blue marlin, Pacific blue marlin, black marlin, white marlin, striped marlin, Atlantic sailfish, Pacific sailfish, swordfish and any species of spearfish. And all that separates Peter from having his named added to the IGFA Conventional Billfish Royal Slam Club is the black marlin. This incredibly large and fast fish is found in the Pacific off the coasts of Panama and Costa Rica as well as on the flats in Australia.

We at Mercury are confident that Peter, having successfully completed two Billfish Grand Slams, will succeed in reeling in the elusive black marlin soon. When he does, we will give Peter the okay to kick back in his deck shoes for a minute – that is, until he feels the inevitable tugging of his line, urging him toward the next great adventure. And to that we say, “Go Boldly, Peter. Go Boldly.”

For more information on the Uncharted Waters With Peter Miller TV series, visit You can also follow Peter on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Peter Miller: Making an Impact On and Off the Boat
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