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Barre Franche

Mercury offrent polyvalence, confort et contrôle pour les moteurs hors-bord jusqu'à 300cv. 

Control, Your Way

Big Tiller for Big Horsepower

Big Tiller offers ultimate back-of-the-boat control for 150-300hp Mercury outboards. Paired with Mercury power steering for effortless, responsive handling, Big Tiller features integrated Troll Control and power trim in a robust, ergonomic package.

Digital or Mechanical Operation

A Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) Big Tiller is available for 175-300hp outboards, providing smooth shifting and instant throttle response with zero hesitation. The mechanical Big Tiller features an easy-to-use cable-operated shift lever for 150hp and higher outboards.

Tillers for 40-115hp Outboards

This full-featured tiller for mid-size outboards is fully adjustable for left or right side operation and features a reversable throttle grip, integrated Troll Control, engine warning display lights and an optional heated grip.

Tiller Handles

Big Tiller for High Horsepower Outboards

Ultimate back-of-the-boat control for Mercury 150-300hp outboards.

Tiller for 40-115hp Outboards

Premium control for mid-size outboards.

Tiller for Outboards Under 40hp

Dependable control for smaller outboards.

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