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4 Reasons Why Fishing is Good for Your Health

Spending time outdoors being active with friends is good for body and mind.

4 Reasons Why Fishing is Good for Your Health

This blog is by Mercury Pro Team member Capt. Tom Rowland, a veteran angler, host of the “Saltwater Experience” TV series and an avid CrossFit® athlete.

Many people have said that fishing is good for the soul. Fishing has certainly nourished my soul, and it has also benefitted my body and my overall health. Here are four ways that fishing is good for the body and mind:

  1. Vitamin D – Fishing takes place outdoors, and when we spend time out in the sunshine, our bodies are able to manufacture Vitamin D from the sun. This very important vitamin is used by almost every cell in the body. When our levels are up we sleep better, perform better and feel better all around. Fishing gets you in that sunshine and could help to keep levels in check.

  2. Movement – Anglers move things such as tackle, coolers, bait wells, boats, motors, rods and reels. Just the act of walking is good for you, and carrying some heavy things can also be beneficial. When fishing on a boat we are using lots of muscles just to maintain balance. When wading a river, anglers sometimes walk great distances. Getting outside and moving around, whether on a boat or in a river, is good exercise. Exercise benefits the heart and mind.

  3. Brain health – Fishing can also provide many benefits to the brain. Anglers need to figure out the tides, wind, sun, air temperature and water temperature to come up with a game plan on how to find fish. These factors are always changing, and that keeps those cognitive juices flowing. Keeping the brain active is excellent for cognitive health, and fishing certainly provides many problems to try and solve.

  4. Community – The angling community is fantastic. A good fishing buddy or an entire community can offer camaraderie, connection and a feeling of belonging. Many studies have shown the benefits these feelings can provide for the health of our bodies and minds.

Fishing has given me all these benefits since I was a child. And since fishing is a lifetime sport, it can give us all many health benefits for our entire lives. I hope you will get out fishing as much as possible this year. Share the experience with someone else for double the benefit!

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4 Reasons Why Fishing is Good for Your Health
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