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June 30, 2021

The Uni and Double Uni Knots: Two of the Most Versatile Knots on the Water

Legendary angler Tom Rowland demonstrates two great knots to add to your arsenal.

There are fishing knots for every possible situation, and unfortunately there are people who’ll insist that you need to know a great many of them if you want to consider yourself an angler.

Not so, says Tom Rowland, and he ought to know. The Mercury Pro Team member and co-host of “The Saltwater Experience” has fished extensively in the mountains, the middle of the ocean and everywhere in between, and he says you can do practically everything with two knots: the uni knot and the double uni knot, which is nothing more than two uni knots jammed against each together to connect two lines.

In this instructional video, Rowland shows you how to use these two handy knots to tie on a lure or swivel, attach a leader to your line and anchor your line to the spool of your reel. The uni and double uni take only minutes to master, and you’ll use them for the rest of your fishing life. In freshwater and saltwater, from light tackle to the biggest offshore gear, these knots can be relied upon in virtually every situation.

Of course, you should eventually learn a few more knots, but the uni and double uni can be the foundation of your knot-tying knowledge. And the more you fish, the more you’ll likely find yourself coming back to these two versatile knots.

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For more information on Tom Rowland, his TV show or his podcast, visit, and be sure to follow him on Instagram.

The Uni and Double Uni Knots: Two of the Most Versatile Knots on the Water
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