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How to Use the Avator Electric Outboard

Our handy how-to videos will show you how to get the most out of this innovative system.

How to Use the Avator Electric Outboard

The Mercury Avator™ electric propulsion system presents an entirely new way to Go Boldly! Avator outboards are calm, quiet and smooth, allowing boaters to fully immerse themselves in the world around them. And while we designed the Avator system to be simple to use and fun to drive, electric propulsion offers a different experience than a traditional internal combustion engine.

That’s why we put together a series of helpful how-to videos. They’re designed to help you get the most out of all of an Avator outboard’s innovative features. You’ll learn how to use the outboard’s quick-release mounting system and how to transport and store Avator when not in use. You’ll also learn how to use the LED indicator lights to stay on top of the battery level and how to change the prop.  

So, whether you’re already an Avator owner or you’re considering becoming one, be sure to check out these short, easy-to-follow Avator how-to videos to discover how to make the most of the Avator propulsion system.

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