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Feb. 5, 2020

Have Fun on the Water AND Feel Good About it, too!

Learn why Mercury's line-up of 175-300hp V8 and V6 outboard engines lead the way in conserving materials, sipping fuel, controlling emissions and reducing noise.

If you're like many consumers today, you look for great products that deliver outstanding performance … but you also care about whether those products are safe for the environment. And as someone interested in boating, you're likely even more concerned about keeping our natural environments pristine.

At Mercury Marine, we decided it's up to us to make outboard engines you can feel good about using. Our lineup of 175-300hp V8 and V6 outboard engines leads the way in conserving materials, sipping fuel, controlling emissions, and reducing noise. And here's the great news: We accomplished this by developing engines that provide outstanding acceleration and superior performance while being built to last.

Conserving Materials

Mercury's V8 and V6 outboards weigh as much as 100 pounds lighter than current competitors in their respective horsepower categories. Our patented and highly durable aluminum alloys have been developed for harsh marine environments while also weighing less and allowing us to use less raw material. And we use only recycled aluminum, sparing the planet from additional mining.

Sipping Fuel

We've developed our own technologies - that no other brand of outboard has - to help you get the best performance from your boat using the least amount of fuel. Mercury exclusives, such as Advanced Range Optimization and Active Trim, help your boat go farther and handle better than competitive outboards. Our V6 models are 12-16 percent more fuel-efficient at cruise than our top competitor's corresponding models, and the V8 models are 8-10 percent more fuel-efficient.

Controlling Emissions

Burning less fuel means generating less emissions. These outboards received a three-star rating, "Ultra Low Emissions," from the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Reducing Noise

Understanding that the reduction of noise pollution is also an important factor in keeping natural environments pristine, Mercury's engineers developed quieter outboard engines. For example, Mercury's V6 200hp engine demonstrated noise levels that were 17 percent lower at idle, 22 percent lower at cruise, and 31 percent lower at wide-open throttle in comparison to its closest competitor. So, go ahead and push open the throttle.

Blow your hair back. You take care of having fun, and we'll take care of manufacturing world-class propulsion solutions that aim to keep the great outdoors - well, great!

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