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Propeller Tutorials and Care

The right prop can make all the difference in your boat's performance

How to Swap Your Prop

Intimidated or confused? Don’t be: this blog and video clearly shows you how to perform each step.

Mercury Propeller Selector

Propping your boat correctly is one of the best and easiest ways you can improve your boat's performance and make the most of your time on the water. Find the ideal Mercury Propeller in as few as three steps!

Propeller Installation

Mercury Bass Pro Edwin Evers demonstrates correct installation of a propeller with the Mercury Flo-Torq SSR HD hub kit.

Performance Vent Systems (Prop Plugs)

Ever wonder what the black plugs in your prop are for? They’re part of the Performance Vent System® (PVS), which gives you a greater range of performance customization. By swapping plugs to adjust the vent size, you can dial in the ideal rpm to optimize your boat’s hole shot.

Propeller FAQs

View our Frequently Asked Questions related to propellers.

Find your local Mercury Dealer

Mercury has an extensive network of factory-trained dealers to help answer any questions you may have. Your authorized Mercury Marine dealer is your "go-to" for all things Mercury.

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