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Introducing the New Avator 75e and 110e Electric Outboards

Amplify your adventure with more power and capacity

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The introduction of Mercury’s two newest and most powerful Avator models, the 75e and 110e outboards, creates a wide range of new opportunities for electrified boating adventures. With these new models, boaters can expand their horizons and explore new waters while enjoying the benefits of clean, quiet electric propulsion.

“The Avator 75e and 110e models are capable of powering bigger boats, including RIBs, aluminum fishing boats and medium-sized pontoons,” said Patrick Reinke, Avator category manager. “Their increased power and battery capacity make them ideal for boaters who want to enjoy a full day of fishing on their favorite lake or spend a relaxing afternoon with family and friends on the deck of a pontoon.

“As the most powerful and highest capacity electric propulsion systems in our lineup, these new models are ideal for boaters seeking the freedom and simple, low-maintenance operation of an electric outboard, especially those who enjoy spending time on combustion- or power-restricted lakes and other waterways,” Reinke said.

The two new Avator models join the currently available 7.5e, 20e and 35e models and fill out Mercury’s portfolio of five low-voltage electric outboards.

Versatile, Effortless Controls

Power tilt, a new feature in the Avator family, comes standard on both new models and makes it easy to raise or lower the outboard in shallow water or optimize its position for operating conditions.

“With the new power tilt system, it’s easy for boaters to effortlessly dial in performance for maximum efficiency with just the push of a button,” Reinke said.

More versatility comes in the form of available tiller or console controls for the Avator 75e outboard.

“The Avator 75e is available with an optional tiller handle for boaters who want to take control from the back of the boat,” Reinke said. “The tiller handle is adjustable for comfortable steering from any position and incorporates an integrated tilt switch and digital shift controls. It also folds up out of the way when not in use.”

Both models can also be rigged for console boats, with digital remote controls that deliver instant throttle response, confident shifting and power tilt control with zero hesitation for easy, safe piloting. Controls are available in three styles to fit a range of center- and side-console mounting positions. 

New Power Options

To support the increased power of the Avator 75e and 110e outboards, Mercury has introduced new 5400Wh batteries and a larger 5400 Power Center that provide additional battery capacity suitable for larger vessels.

“Up to four 5400Wh batteries can be connected and simultaneously charged from the 5400 Power Center’s charging port,” Reinke said. “This additional capacity greatly increases the available range and runtime for bigger boats, allowing boaters to go farther and spend more time on the water.”

Choose Your Charge Time

In addition to the integrated battery system, Mercury engineered multiple chargers with 75e and 110e compatibility. The 520W Avator charger can recharge two depleted 5400Wh batteries in approximately 20 hours. The vessel-integrated 1050W charger can cut the charge time by more than 50 percent.

Enhanced Connectivity

Avator electric outboards are the first propulsion systems from Mercury to be compatible with the new Mercury Marine app. A SmartCraft® Connect module is pre-installed on the 75e and 110e outboards to provide a wireless connection to the app.

The app is the ultimate Avator adventure companion. It leverages GPS to display visual range estimates on a map for easy route planning. Other features include digital gauges, tutorials and a tool for connecting with a preferred dealer.

“Avator connected technologies are another example of our approach to innovating complete propulsion systems,” said Reinke. “We don’t only build outboards. We create entire systems that make boating easier. That’s one thing that makes the Avator lineup so special. We refined everything from the controls and full-color displays to the charging system, safe battery technology and even an Avator-specific prop. All to make boating easy and fun. And now, we have five models in the lineup that provide a wide range of options for getting out on the water.” 

Availability and More Information

Avator 75e and 110e electric outboards are available now from Mercury Authorized Dealers. Find a dealer to start your Avator journey today.

Explore the full lineup of Mercury Avator electric propulsion systems at

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