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Modern propellers

Modern Mercury stainless steel propellers provide a serious competitive edge, whether you want to go faster, go farther or save on fuel.

Modern propellers

Premium stainless propellers

Advanced geometry, superior durability

When you want maximum speed, handling, efficiency or all the above, turn to a Mercury stainless propeller. Each is cast from premium alloys to be tough enough for the most demanding conditions, with blade geometries optimised to squeeze out every bit of boat performance.     

Prop performance basics

Whether you are looking for a replacement prop or want to optimise your boat’s speed, hole shot or efficiency, keep in mind that prop selection is about more than just pitch, diameter and number of blades. Performance is influenced by every aspect of a prop’s geometry, right down to the cup, rake angle and edge shape.

The Mercury difference: It is in the details

Mastering the details is what sets Mercury props apart. Our prop experts are relentless in their pursuit of performance and employ the most advanced engineering technology to refine all the little details that make a big difference on the water.

Mercury prop selector

Use this convenient tool to zero in on the right prop for your boat in five steps or less.

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Find your prop at your local Mercury dealer

No one knows marine performance like your local Mercury authorised dealer. They can outfit your boat with the right prop and provide expert advice to help you get the most from your time on the water.

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