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Joystick piloting

Mercury digital gauges combine the convenience of at-a-glance boat and engine information with precise digital accuracy and enhanced vessel control.

Put yourself in total command

360-degree control

Joystick piloting is an intuitive steering system that places throttle, shift and steering at your fingertips in a single touchpoint. The joystick provides 360-degree control, enabling you to move your boat sideways, forward, backward and diagonally or rotate it in place.

Manouevre like a pro

Joystick piloting makes docking and trailering much easier, turning any pilot into a seasoned pro. Multiple engines, or the engine/s working together with a single or dual thrusters, allow you to make precise movements when manouevring at low speeds.

Skyhook digital anchor

Skyhook® uses GPS to lock in and maintain your position and heading, regardless of wind or current, with the push of a button.

  • Bowhook unlocks the heading and maintains position, allowing your boat to point in whatever direction the winds and currents dictate. 

  • Drifthook maintains the heading and unlocks the position, allowing winds and currents to move your boat along, perfect for drift fishing or enjoying the view.

  • Heading Adjust allows you to change your heading by 1 and 10 degree increments when Skyhook is activated or when in Drifthook mode. 

Put yourself in total control

Joystick piloting for outboards

Fingertip 360-degree control for outboards.

Joystick piloting for inboards

Easy docking and 360-degree control for inboards.

Joystick piloting for sterndrives

Total 360-degree control for sterndrives.

Joystick piloting for Zeus® pods

Unmatched 360-degree control for large diesel-powered boats.

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