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Revolution X

Part number: RevolutionXProp


Sens de rotation:

L'hélice Revolution X™ a été conçue pour convertir chaque parcelle de puissance du hors-bord Mercury V10 en performances inégalées.


The Revolution X Advantage

The Next Evolution of the Revolution Line

Building on the Revolution 4® prop’s legacy of providing outstanding hole shot and holding power, the Revolution X™ propeller features wide blades and an aggressive deep-cup design. It propels big boats on plane swiftly and efficiently, while contributing to exceptional handling at all speeds.

Performance Vent System (PVS)

By swapping plugs in the PVS® holes on the prop, you can quickly custom tune performance, dialing in engine rpm to improve acceleration or compensate for changes in load or altitude. An enhanced system on the Revolution X prop also lets you optimize reverse thrust for greater control and steering authority.

Flo-Torq X

Designed specifically for the V10 platform, the Flo-Torq® X prop hub reduces noise and vibration during shifting, while ensuring power is transferred smoothly to the propeller.



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