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High Five

Part number: HighFiveProp


Des pales ajoutées pour une meilleure adhérence font de l'hélice HighFive® une hélice très performante sur les bateaux sous-motorisés ou lourdement chargés, en particulier pour les sports nautiques.


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The HighFive Advantage

For Heavy Loads and Watersports Applications

With five blades, the HighFive prop has plenty of blade area to generate the lift and holding power needed to get heavily loaded boats on plane quickly and keep them there at the low speeds common for watersports. 

Step Up Performance on Underpowered Boats

The improved hole shot and grip of the HighFive prop also make it a great choice for older underpowered boats or boats powered by carbureted two-stroke outboards.

Performance Vent System (PVS)

By swapping plugs in the PVS® holes on the prop, you can quickly custom tune performance, dialing in engine rpm to improve your boat’s hole shot.



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