Single-Engine Controls
Console Mount

Throttle and shift built the only way Mercury knows to build - the best way.

Quality meets confidence.

Huolella testattu – laboratoriossa ja vesillä.

Time-tested. In the lab. On the water.

Thousands of hours of testing behind it. And thousands of satisfied boaters. The choice for center-consoles, pontoons and other large-platform boats.
Vesillä. Niin kuin kuuluukin.

On the water. On the money.

The best controls in the business. Economical. Reliable. They just work. Ergonomic, soft-grip handles for long hours at sea.
Tehty moniin eri tarkoituksiin.

Built for a range of applications.

Outboards, inboards, sterndrives. Single and dual installations. Different styles and finishes to compliment the boat.
Cavi per acceleratore e cambio per controlli meccanici.

Throttle & Shift Cables for Mechanical Controls.

Available in a wide of range of construction types and lengths to match your boat, engine and your control station. Both digital and mechanical control options. For outboards, gas and diesel sterndrives and inboards. Mercury® has the throttle and shift cables that work.

Other cables are solid core. Sounds good, but it isn't. Mercury cables have a flexible core. They're more forgiving in tight, difficult installations. And more capable of handling shift loads. The idea is to bend, not break. And keep you on the water, not in the shop.

The toughest people on cables are Mercury engineers. It's about finding the right materials. And putting them through the most rigorous tests. It's all about confidence. Every system totally behind you. Including your cables.