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With comfortable designs and intuitive features, Mercury® controls give you the confidence and precision to handle your boat with ease.


Pilot Your Boat with Confidence

Smooth, Effortless Controls

Mercury single- and multi-engine controls provide the performance, quality and durability you can count on to provide confident handling and operation with any type of boat or application.

Ergonomic Designs

Mercury controls are designed to be highly functional touchpoints that connect you with the propulsion system. Incorporating features such as soft-grip handles, smooth internal mechanisms and slim profiles.

The Digital Advantage

Many Mercury engines are compatible with the Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) system, which gives you even more precise command and control of your boat. DTS delivers smooth shifting and ultra-responsive throttle performance to make boating even easier.

Digital Controls

Cable-free digital throttle controls provide instant response and total control without hesitation.

Mechanical Controls

Time-tested mechanical shift and throttle controls are reliable, comfortable and affordable.

Steering Systems

Mercury steering systems provide unrivaled handling, enhanced responsiveness and exceptional control for every type of vessel and boating application.


Enjoy superior back-of-the-boat handling with industry-leading adjustability and intuitive controls.

Active Trim

This hands-free, GPS-based system continually adjusts engine trim to improve performance, fuel economy and ease of operation.

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