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Boating Basics

Get expert advice and helpful tips for beginning your boating journey with confidence. So you can Go Boldly into each adventure that comes your way.

Get Started Boating

If you’re new to boating, we’re thrilled for you to join us on the water. Explore these resources to grow your confidence and skills.

01. What to Know Before Buying a Boat

A boat is an investment in fun and adventure. It’s best to go into the purchase with a plan so you’re ready to make the most of it.

02. Boating Safety

A safe day on the water is a great day on the water. Learn how to make boating safety a regular part of every outing in a way that’s easy and convenient for everyone on board.

03. Advice for New Boat Owners

You’ve got your boat and you’re ready to get out there. Now what? Start with this advice from seasoned boating experts.

04. Maintenance & Care

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or rely on a service professional, regular maintenance is vital for keeping your boat and engine performing at their peak.

05. Boating Rules & Etiquette

Just like on roadways, there are navigational rules and signs that control the flow of traffic on the water. Learn the rules and etiquette to ensure everyone has a safe, fun experience.  

06. Equipment and Supplies

No matter if you love fishing, cruising, tow sports or any other on-water activity, having the right supplies plus required safety gear on board makes every day on the boat better.


The Power to Do More

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