Energy. Environment. Product. People.

It's about limits.

Knowing there are limits to the natural resources that are used to both enjoy our products and build them. We're in the outdoors all the time, all around the world, so maybe we have a little better perspective or a deeper understanding. But at Mercury®, being a good steward of the planet and its resources is a critical part of the way we do business. It's a comprehensive, company-wide sustainability program. And it covers everything. Our products. Our manufacturing processes. Our people. Our plans for the future. It's about clean water and air. It's about recycling materials and conserving energy and fuels. It's about positive, healthy work environments for our people. In short, it's about taking care of the planet. It's a story we're proud to share with you.

2018 Sustainability Report

“We know the marine industry is a healthy and efficient place to be operating and we want everyone around the marine industry to know it’s a better place because we are here,” says John Pfeifer, Mercury Marine president.

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