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7 Reasons Why You’ll Love MercMonitor

Mercury Pro Team member Brian Latimer uses this versatile instrument to monitor critical engine and vessel data.

7 Reasons Why You’ll Love MercMonitor

The helm of your boat is your on-water command center. It’s the literal pilot seat for all your favorite boating adventures. And if you’re powering those adventures with a Mercury SmartCraft®-capable engine, you have access to an impressive array of engine and vessel data, along with some advanced controls that can make your boating experiences easier and more enjoyable.

Mercury offers several digital interfaces to access SmartCraft data and controls, including various VesselView® systems and the innovative MercMonitor digital gauge. MercMonitor is a compact, affordable instrument that serves as a sort of digital co-pilot on the water. It could be the perfect solution for unlocking the power of SmartCraft information on your boat. Here are some reasons why.

  1. 1t fits almost any helm – The compact size of the MercMonitor makes it perfect for installation on a smaller boat or at a second station where space on the dash is limited. Many boat owners also find that the customizable screen makes it possible to replace an array of traditional analog instruments with a single MercMonitor.

  2.  It’s compatible with many boat and engine packages – The MercMonitor is compatible with any Mercury outboard or MerCruiser® sterndrive engine that is equipped with SmartCraft technology, including 40hp and above for model year 2004 and newer, and 25hp and above for model year 2022 and newer. MercMonitor can also be assimilated into many power package configurations, from a single-engine low-horsepower outboard to a multi-engine, multi-station vessel with Digital Throttle & Shift controls. Note that some gauge features, displays, operations and warnings may not be applicable for your power package.

  3.  It’s a customizable digital gauge – You can easily program the MercMonitor LCD display to share data that matches your needs and boating preferences. The LCD screen can provide critical data on dozens of engine and boat functions, including temperature, water depth, alarms, rpm, speed, water pressure, fuel flow and much more. Display three separate pieces of data at once with as many as five configurations. You can even select a display color to match your boat, or your mood.

  4. It keeps you informed – A key function of the MercMonitor is its integration with the Engine Guardian system, which monitors critical sensors on the engine for any early indication of problems, such as engine overheating or low water pressure. The system will respond to a problem by alerting the operator and reducing engine speed if necessary to protect the engine. When Engine Guardian senses a potential problem, an alert is displayed on the MercMonitor screen, with text describing the fault and its location, plus recommended actions to take.

  5. It can help you optimize fuel economy and more – Mercury Pro Team member Brian Latimer says he uses the MercMonitor to optimize fuel economy and keep an eye on the performance and health of his Mercury® Pro XS® outboard. If you want to learn more about how Latimer puts MercMonitor to work on the tournament trail, check out the video below.

  6. It comes in several configurations with tow sport features – Three MercMonitor models are available, each with its own level of functionality. The base model supports a single engine and displays basic critical engine and boat data. The RPM Smart Tow model adds Smart Tow® control technology, which lets you set and maintain engine rpm for a more consistent tow speed. It comes with five launch profiles, and you can customize up to eight more, making it easy to personalize the ride to the rider. The Smart Tow Pro model is equipped with a GPS antenna, allowing it to precisely monitor and adjust a pre-set boat speed. You can set the speed as low as 8 mph and maintain perfect conditions for wakesurfing or any other tow-sport activity. Smart Tow Pro offers the most data of the three MercMonitor models and can support up to four engines.

  7. It lets you easily control Active Trim, Troll Control and more – All MercMonitor models can control some of the most popular SmartCraft features, if your engine also supports those features. This includes Active Trim automatic drive trim, Troll Control for precision speed control while fishing and the Mercury electronic engine oil level monitor. For boats equipped with a Verado® outboard, you can use the MercMonitor to toggle between Advanced Sound Control exhaust tones.

Depending on how you spend your time on the water, there could be a lot of great reasons to choose a MercMonitor for your boat. If you want to learn more about MercMonitor, compatible features for your preferred boat and engine, and all the SmartCraft digital technologies, contact a Mercury Authorized Dealer today.

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