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How to Tie the Alberto Knot with George Gozdz

This easy-to-tie knot creates a strong connection when attaching leaders to smaller-diameter braided line.

How to Tie the Alberto Knot with George Gozdz

Knowing which knots to use in different situations is critical for all anglers, and the Alberto knot is one you’ll want to have committed to memory. This knot is ideal for tying fluorocarbon leaders to smaller-diameter braid main lines. The Alberto is easy to tie, finishes thin enough to pass through rod guides and has a high breaking strength. To get a rundown on how to tie this knot, we went to someone who’s tied it a million times: Capt. George Gozdz, host of the fishing show “Unfathomed,” a Mercury Pro Team member and a full-time fishing guide.

The steps below will walk you through how to tie the Alberto. You can also see Gozdz demonstrate how to tie the Alberto knot in the video at the bottom of the page.

How to Tie the Alberto Knot

  1. Put the rod in a holder and engage the reel so there’s tension on the main line.

  2. Hold the leader in your right hand (assuming you’re right-handed) and double it up to form a loop at the end.

  3. Insert the tag end of the braided line through the loop, leaving several inches of tag end to work with.

  4. Pinch down with your left hand to hold the loop together while pulling on the braid’s tag end with your right hand until it’s tight.

  5. Wind the tag end of the braid around the doubled fluorocarbon eight to 10 times, working away from the loop, then pinch down with your right hand to hold the wraps in place.

  6. Use your left hand to wrap the end of the braid back up over the first set of wraps – working back toward the loop – using the same number of wraps.

  7. Feed the end of the braid back out through the loop. It should come out on the same side as the braid initially was passed through the loop.

  8. Pull on the fluorocarbon and the main line, and then the tag ends, to cinch the knot tight. Remember to lubricate the knot before you fully cinch it.

  9. Trim off the tag ends.

Net result? You end up with a strong, thin-diameter knot that will sail through your rod guides and provide a tight connection from the moment you set the hook until the moment you land the fish. And remember Capt. Gozdz’s advice: Practice tying knots at home when you can learn at your leisure, not on the boat in the middle of a feeding frenzy.

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How to Tie the Alberto Knot with George Gozdz
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