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The joy of joystick piloting is now available.

Mercury Marine’s latest joystick technology is now available down to 200hp, so even more boat owners can enjoy effortless, intuitive piloting.

With a single hand, you can control the throttle, shift and steer, or simply and efficiently move your boat in any direction – sideways, diagonally, forward, backward.  You can even rotate in place.

It means beginners to boating can dock or maneuverer in tight spaces with confidence, despite wind and current.

In addition, the system allows the driver to hold a boat in position, hold its heading, or hold its position and heading simultaneously (which is particularly useful when fishing around a structure, or preparing the boat to dock).

Create a Piloting System to suit your needs

360 Control

Move your boat in any direction – sideways, diagonally, forward or backward – or rotate in place. Perform combined commands, such as simultaneously rotating and moving sideways. Dock or maneuver with confidence in tight spaces despite wind and current.

Auto Pilot

Automatically navigate to active waypoints on route, simple where you want to go and the system does the rest.

Lock & Hold

Lock and Hold your boat’s position using GPS, then works with the engines and drives to maintain position and heading with the push of a button – regardless of wind or current.


Auto heading uses an integrated digital compass to automatically maintain your boat’s heading to keep you on your desired path.


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