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Fury 4®

Part number: Fury4Prop


If you run a heavily loaded tournament bass boat, step up your performance with the Fury 4® prop. The total package for speed, acceleration and handling.


Mercury prop selector

Use this convenient tool to zero in on the right prop for your boat in five steps or less.

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The choice of champions

Performance Vent System (PVS)

Two PVS® holes for each blade on the Fury 4 prop give you an even greater range of performance customisation. By swapping plugs to adjust the vent size, you can dial in the ideal rpm to optimise your boat’s hole shot.

First to the fish

With a heavy load, the Fury 4 prop outruns the three-blade Fury, providing the extra lift needed to move a tournament boat loaded with fuel, a heavy battery bank, extra tackle and a full livewell. 

X7 alloy

We have increased the limits of propeller design by reimagining the raw materials we use to make them. Mercury X7® alloy is 30 percent stronger and four times more durable than conventional stainless steel.  



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Find your prop at your local Mercury dealer

No one knows marine performance like your local Mercury authorised dealer. They can outfit your boat with the right prop and provide expert advice to help you get the most from your time on the water.

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