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Mercury Marine Limited Warranty Details

World-class marine products backed by world-class warranties. We stand behind everything we build. And we go the extra mile to make sure your Mercury experience is the best it can be. On the water and off.

Warranty Registration‑United States and Canada

This Mercury Marine Limited Warranty applies to new product purchased in the United States and Canada. Terms and Conditions may vary in other regions of the world.

To be eligible for warranty coverage, the product must be registered with Mercury Marine. At the time of sale, the dealer should complete the warranty registration and immediately submit it to Mercury Marine via MercNET, e‑mail or mail. Upon receipt of this warranty registration, Mercury Marine will record the registration. Warranty coverage is not effective until your product is registered with Mercury Marine and the warranty registration process is not related in any way to the process of obtaining a license, title, or registration from state boating authorities.

You may change your address on file with Mercury Marine at any time, including at the time of a warranty claim by calling, mailing, or faxing your name, previous address, new address, and engine serial number to the Mercury Marine Warranty Registration Department. Your dealer can also process this change of information.

At Mercury Marine, every engine is operated and tested before it is boxed for shipment to make sure the product is ready for use. Certain products are tested in a controlled and monitored environment, for up to approximately 10 hours of run time, to verify and make a record of compliance with applicable standards and regulations. All Mercury Marine product, sold as new, receives the applicable Mercury Marine Limited Warranty coverage, whether the engine participated in one of the required test programs described above or not.

NOTE: Registration lists must be maintained by Mercury Marine and any dealer on marine products sold in the United States should a safety recall notification under the Federal Boat Safety Act be required. For Mercury Marine’s Privacy Policy, visit:‑policy/

What Is Covered

Mercury Marine warrants its new products to be free of defects in material and workmanship during the Mercury Marine Limited Warranty period.

Duration of Coverage

This Mercury Marine Limited Warranty provides coverage for the time specified in the warranty chart. The time is measured from the date the product is first sold to a retail purchaser, or the date on which the product is first put into service, whichever occurs first. Product is excluded from warranty six (6) years after its date of manufacture. Products built by Mercury Racing that were originally invoiced by Mercury Marine more than two years ago are not eligible for factory warranty. The repair or replacement of parts, or the performance of service under this warranty, does not extend the life of this warranty beyond its original expiration date. Unexpired warranty coverage can be transferred from one pleasure-use customer to a subsequent pleasure-use customer upon proper re-registration of the product. Unexpired warranty coverage cannot be transferred to or from a commercial-use customer.

Conditions That Must Be Met To Obtain Mercury Marine Limited Warranty

Warranty coverage is available only to retail customers who purchase from a dealer authorized by Mercury Marine to distribute the product in the country in which the sale occurred, and then only after the Mercury Marine specified predelivery inspection (PDI) process is complete and documented. Warranty coverage becomes available upon proper registration of the product by an authorized dealer. Inaccurate warranty registration information regarding pleasure use, or subsequent change of use from pleasure to commercial (unless properly registered) may void the warranty at the sole discretion of Mercury Marine.

Purchaser’s Responsibility

Perform all regular maintenance in compliance with the schedule in the applicable operation and maintenance manual. Maintain records of service and maintenance performed on Mercury Marine products. Mercury Marine reserves the right to make warranty coverage contingent upon proof of proper maintenance.

What Mercury Marine Will Do

Mercury Marine’s sole and exclusive obligation under this warranty is limited to, at Mercury’s option, repairing a defective part, replacing such part or parts with new or Mercury Marine certified remanufactured parts, or refunding the purchase price of the Mercury Marine product. Mercury Marine reserves the right to improve or modify products from time to time without assuming an obligation to modify products previously manufactured.

How To Obtain Warranty Coverage

Warranty claims must be made through a Mercury Marine authorized repair facility. The customer must provide Mercury Marine with a reasonable opportunity to repair and reasonable access to the product for warranty service. Warranty claims shall be made by delivering the product for inspection to a Mercury Marine dealer authorized to service the product. If the purchaser cannot deliver the product to such a dealer, written notice must be given to Mercury Marine. Mercury Marine may then arrange for the inspection and any covered repair. The purchaser, in that case, shall pay for all related transportation charges and/or travel time. If the service provided is not covered by this warranty, the purchaser shall pay for all related labor and material and any other expenses associated with that service. The purchaser shall not, unless requested by Mercury Marine, ship the product or parts of the product directly to Mercury Marine. products, which upon inspection, have been found to be not failed or not required to complete repairs, or were replaced without proper authorization will be returned.

What Is Not Covered

This Mercury Marine Limited Warranty does not cover:

-  Routine maintenance items or adjustments

- Normal wear and tear

- Faded paint Jet pump impellers or liners

- Bearings with water damage resulting from improper maintenance

- Cost of repairs performed outside normal working hours

- This Mercury Marine Limited Warranty also does not cover damage caused by any of the following: Abuse, abnormal use, neglect, accident, submersion, striking a submerged object, improper service, alteration or removal of parts

- Use of a propeller or gear ratio that does not allow the engine to run at its recommended RPM range (refer to the Operation and Maintenance manual)

- Operation of the product in a manner inconsistent with the recommended operation and duty-cycle (refer to the Operation and Maintenance manual)

- Improper installation (proper installation specifications and techniques reset forth in the installation instructions for the product)

- Use of an accessory or part that was not manufactured, sold, or tested by Mercury Marine

- Operation with fuels, oils, or lubricants that are not suitable for use with the product (refer to the Operation and Maintenance manual)

- Water entering the engine through the fuel intake, air intake, or exhaust system; insufficient cooling water caused by blockage of the cooling system by a foreign body, running the engine out of water, or mounting the engine too high on the transom or running the boat with the engine/drive trimmed out too far

Termination of Coverage

Warranty Coverage may be terminated for product: 

- Modified without authorization

- Repossessed from a retail customer

- Purchased at an auction, from a salvage yard, or from an insurance company that obtained the product as a result of an insurance claim

- Registered with incorrect information

- Use of the product for racing or other competitive activity, at any point, even by a prior owner of the product, voids the warranty.

- Expenses related to haul-out, launch towing, storage, telephone, rental, inconvenience, slip fees, insurance coverage, loan payments, loss of time, loss of income, or any other type of incidental or consequential damages are not covered by this warranty. Also, expenses associated with the removal or replacement of boat partitions or other material to gain access to the product are not covered by this warranty.

Mercury Marine Limited Corrosion Warranty

Mercury Marine warrants that each new product will not be rendered inoperative as a direct result of corrosion for the time specified in the Warranty Chart.

Corrosion prevention devices specified in the Operation and Maintenance manual must be in use on the boat, and routine maintenance (including without limitation the replacement of sacrificial anodes, use of specified lubricants, and touch-up of nicks and scratches) must be performed according to the schedule in the Operation and Maintenance manual to maintain warranty coverage.

What’s Not Covered

This Mercury Marine Limited Corrosion Warranty does not cover:

- Electrical system corrosion Corrosion resulting from damage

- Corrosion that causes cosmetic damage

- Damage resulting from abuse or improper service

- Corrosion to accessories, instruments, or steering systems

- Damage due to marine growth Product sold with less than a one-year Mercury Marine Limited Warranty Replacement parts (parts purchased by the customer)

- Product other than SeaPro used in a commercial application

- Corrosion damage resulting from improper paint application (refer to the Operation and Maintenance manual for acceptable paint applications)

Additional Mercury Marine Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions for V12 Outboard, Zeus Pod Drive, and Mercury Diesel 3.0L and 6.7L Product

The Mercury Marine Limited Warranty for V12 Outboard, Zeus Pod Drives, and Mercury Diesel 3.0L and 6.7L covers reasonable and customary expenses related to a warranty repair, including parts, labor, and travel, however, the authorized Mercury Marine repair facility must obtain preauthorization from Mercury Marine’s Service Department prior to commencing the warranty repair.

The Mercury Marine Limited Warranty for Zeus Pod Drives and Mercury Diesel 3.0L and 6.7L covers reasonable and customary expenses related to a warranty repair, including parts, labor, and travel, however, the authorized Mercury Marine repair facility must obtain preauthorization from Mercury Marine’s Service Department prior to commencing the warranty repair. If the warranty repair cannot be conducted at the authorized repair facility, travel time allowance for pleasure and commercial-use is limited to 250 miles and 5 hours per warranty event. The authorized repair facility must obtain preauthorization form Mercury Marine’s Service Department prior to commencing travel activities. Extended Major Components Limited Warranty The Extended Major Components Limited Warranty begins when the three-year Pleasure Use Mercury Marine Limited Warranty expires. For an additional 24 months or 1,000 hours in service, whichever occurs first, the Extended Major Components Limited Warranty covers warrantable failures of the following components:

Zeus Pod Drive Components Marine gear housing casting Marine gear drop-box housing casting Steering actuator housing casting Drive midsection casting Clamp rings Driveshaft (U-joints excluded)* Underwater impact damage excluded from: Lower gear housing casting Trim tab casting Bearing carrier casting Intermediate shaft Skeg *To qualify for coverage, the driveshaft must have been originally supplied to the boatbuilder by Mercury Marine.

3.0L and 6.7L Diesel Engine Components

Marine gear housing casting Cylinder block casting Cylinder head casting Camshaft forging Crankshaft forging Connecting rod forging Flywheel housing Timing gearcase Timing gears

Disclaimers, Limitations and Waivers

No individual or entity, including Mercury Marine authorized dealers, has been given authority by Mercury Marine to make any affirmation, representation or warranty regarding the product, other than those contained in this Mercury Marine Limited Warranty, and if made, shall not be enforceable against Mercury Marine. Disclaimers and Limitations The implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are expressly disclaimed. To the extent that they cannot be disclaimed, the implied Warranties are limited in duration to the life of the express warranty. Incidental and consequential damages are excluded from coverage under this warranty. Some States/countries do not allow for the disclaimers, limitations, and exclusions identified above; as a result, They may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other legal rights that vary from state to state and country to country. Submission to Jurisdiction Any legal suit, action, or proceeding arising out of or relating to this Mercury Marine limited warranty or the transactions contemplated hereby shall be instituted in the court of the state of Wisconsin, county of Milwaukee, and each party irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of such court in any such suit, action, or proceeding. The parties irrevocably and unconditionally waive any objection to jurisdiction and/or venue of any suit, action, or proceeding in such courts and irrevocably waive and agree not to plead or claim in any such court that any such suit, action, or proceeding brought in any such court has been brought in an inconvenient forum. All claims must be brought in the parties’ individual capacity, and not as a class member in any purported class or representative proceeding. Governing Law All matters arising out of or relating to this Mercury Marine limited warranty shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the internal laws of the state of Wisconsin without giving effect to any choice or conflict of law provision or rule (whether of the state of Wisconsin or any other jurisdiction).

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