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Go Boldly®

Go Boldly® is a call to explore. To let adventure be your guide. It’s freedom to squeeze every second of joy out of your time on the water. Go Boldly means never riding in the wake of another. It means charting your own course and trusting Mercury to take you there.


Over the course of more than 80 years, across 700+ patents and countless marine industry awards, Mercury has built its reputation on a philosophy of tireless innovation and constant improvement.


We deliver reliably powerful performance for any on-water activity. With a history of exciting engineering innovations, Mercury has established itself as an undisputed leader in marine power.


We engineer complete propulsion systems with intuitive, easy-to-operate designs and unparalleled reliability, giving boaters the confidence to venture farther and stay out longer in pursuit of their adventures.

Bold Stories: Mark Zona

An obsession doesn’t often happen in an instant. It tends to start as a budding interest and gains momentum from there.

Bold Stories: Unbound

Meet Captain Mick Nealey. Businessman, angler, polio survivor. He's bringing accessible boating to people living with all manner of physical and mental disabilities. Though many thought they'd never be on a boat again, Capt. Mick is helping them realize that with the right attitude, the water is still there for them. And it can offer them the camaraderie, inspiration, and independence that boaters around the world have always cherished. Watch “Unbound” to see Captain Mick’s story.

Bold Stories: Chasten Whitfiled

Practically every professional angler, famous or otherwise, has a story of the one fish that changed their life. The one bite that created the unquenchable urge to fish as much as possible while learning as much as possible. The one fish that made them realize that they had no choice but to pursue a life that centered around fishing.

Mercury engines are made for exploring. So are you.

Everything we make is for everything you do. Whoever you are, whichever body of water you explore, wherever your sense of adventure leads you, Mercury is here to power the journey. 

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