First-Time Boat Owners

Could be your first inflatable. Or your last. Safe, stable, versatile. 

  • Fabric PVC
  • Overall length 8' 10" / 270 cm
  • Load capacity 783 lbs / 355 kg
  • Maximum horsepower 5

Due to our constant efforts to offer the finest products available, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice. See your Mercury Authorized Dealer for details.

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Démarrez en force.

Start Strong

Compact and economical for the first-time inflatable boat buyer. Boat with a confidence from your first voyage on.

En toute sécurité du bateau à la côte

Safe from Ship to Shore

Two additional inflatable compartments (floor and keel) accompany the internal air chambers. Increased safety. Maximized functionality.

Une solution idéale.

A Perfect Fit

Functional. Cost-effective. And backed by a five-year warranty. So whether it’s for the family on vacation or the fisherman with space constraints, you’re covered.

5 años de garantía PVC

5-Year PVC Warranty

Mercury Inflatable PVC boats offer one of the best guarantees in the market including a 5-year limited warranty on the Haku fabric and air-holding thermowelded seams giving you assurance of our commitment to quality.



  • Fabric
    • PVC
    Overall length
    • 8' 10" / 270 cm
    Overall beam
    • 4' 4" / 132 cm
    Inside length
    • 5' 9" / 175 cm
    Tube diameter
    • 13" / 330 mm
    Load capacity
    • 783 lbs / 355 kg
    Maximum engine weight
    • 66 lbs / 30 kg
    Maximum horsepower
    • 5
    Shaft length
    • 15" / 381 mm
    Passenger capacity (PVC)
    • 3
    Number of air chambers
    • 2 + keel + floor
    Weight (PVC)
    • 58 lbs / 26 kg
    Inflatable keel
    • Yes
    Fabric thickness (PVC)
    • 0.02" / 0.6 mm
    Tube pressure (psi / bar)
    • 3.6 / 1.63
    • Yes
    Carrying bag
    • Yes
    Two oars or paddles
    • Yes
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Features & Benefits

Bow Handles
Poignées de proue

Extra handles inside the tube provide a more secure grip as well as additional holding points.

Inflatable Keel
Quille gonflable

All models are equipped with an inflatable keel under the floor for better performance (excluding rigid hull boats).

Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Seat
Siège en polymère renforcé par fibres (FRP)

All Mercury Inflatable Boats feature a durable FRP seat to eliminate cracking, decay and slivers.

Oarlock System
Système de dame de nage

The oarlock system design has been redesigned so the oars can be fixed in a simple and secure way. (HP model shown)

Lifting Handles
Poignées de levage

The boats are equipped with contemporary lifting handles that also can be used as efficient rope holders. (HP model shown)

Fabric-Wrapped Transom
Tableau arrière couvert de tissu

The fabric-wrapped transom protects against cracking and decay. All transoms are made waterproof by wrapping the transom with fabric, which ensure greater durability compared to traditional plywood transoms.

Drain Plug
Bouchon de vidange

The inside drain valve provides you the luxury of draining from the inside, quickly and easily.

Double Tear-Drop Rub Strake
Double virure de frottement en goutte d'eau

The double tear-drop rub strake helps to reduce splashing and provide your boat with better shock resistance.