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MerCruiser® Sterndrives & Inboards

Ready, set, fun. MerCruiser sterndrive and inboard engines bring your biggest adventures within reach, with quiet, powerful, efficient performance and SmartCraft® digital technologies that make your favorite on-water activities even easier.

Heyday boat with T6200 engine

Fun From Start to Finish

Legendary for Excitement

More than 50 years of constant innovation, refining and re-engineering are built into every MerCruiser engine. It’s what we obsess about. And it’s what you should never even think about. MerCruiser engines are smooth, quiet, simple to maintain and loaded with convenient features. So you can keep your focus on fun.

Born From a Love of Water

You were born to have fun on the water, and so were MerCruiser sterndrive and inboard engines. They’re designed specifically for marine use rather than derived from automotive engine technology – purpose-built for unmatched performance and ease of operation. Fun follows function. All by design.

Turning Good Days into Great Memories

A sunset cruise. A child’s first time on skis. Another trip to another sandy beach on another perfect day. Whatever calls you to the water, there’s a MerCruiser 200 to 430hp engine built to get you there. It’s never been so easy to create unforgettable moments on the water. 

MerCruiser Advantage

Noise Reduction

Hear your friends and family talk. Hear yourself think. Enjoy your time on the water. A MerCruiser engine is still as powerful as ever. Thanks to sound-dampening advancements, it’s just not so loud about it.


High-displacement engines and multi-port fuel-injection systems maximize performance from every drop of fuel. You’ll enjoy quick acceleration, instantly responsive power and total fun.

Effortless Ownership

A redesigned service access has simplified what was once a hassle, bringing all service points to a single easily reachable location, color-coded for owner-friendly maintenance.


Through grueling endurance test cycles – in the lab and on the water – Mercury has refined every MerCruiser engine into an unflinching workhorse, built with better alloys and superior paints that can stand up to the harshest conditions.

SmartCraft® The Power to Do More

Mercury SmartCraft® digital technologies refine the entire boating experience to ensure every day on the water reaches its full potential. From intelligent gauges and displays to advanced systems that make boat control easy, SmartCraft gives you the power to do more with your time on the water.

Digital Throttle & Shift

Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS) controls deliver silky-smooth shifting and instant throttle response, with zero hesitation. Integrated controls for select SmartCraft technologies make boating even easier.

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Active Trim

With just a push of a button, Active Trim automatically optimizes trim levels, adapting on the fly to turns, hole shots and water conditions to ensure smooth, efficient trips.

Joystick Piloting

Intuitive joystick controls provide digital anchoring at the touch of a button and 360 ̊ maneuverability in tight spaces when you need it most. In open water, the Auto Heading and Route features let you lock in your course for simplified control.

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VesselView® displays transform the helm of the boat into the ultimate command center by linking together the Mercury propulsion system with compatible onboard accessories. You can monitor engine data, control SmartCraft digital technologies, view charts and sonar, and even operate onboard entertainment systems all from one intuitive touchscreen interface.

Warranty & Maintenance

Warranty Coverage

Mercury makes world-class marine products backed by world-class warranties.


Mercury MerCruiser engines are thoughtfully designed to minimize maintenance and ensure you get the most from your time on the water.

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