Joystick Piloting for Inboards

Easy joystick control – now for single and dual inboards.

Boaters of all skill levels will appreciate easy, more intuitive boat control.

Expanding joystick technology to tow sports boats.

Mercury Marine has launched Joystick Piloting for Inboards for single- and dual-engine tow sport boats. The joystick technology allows the engine to work with bow and stern thrusters to provide ultimate vessel control and a superior driving experience. The system is designed to work with the tow sports variants of Mercury’s new and award-winning range of purpose-built marine inboard and sterndrive engines.

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Mercury Joystick Piloting for Inboards.

The only joystick piloting system that’s compatible with gasoline or diesel inboard and tow sport engines.

The only joystick piloting system for both single- and dual-inboard boats.

Compatibel met bestaande boeg- of hekschroeven

Compatible with Existing Thrusters.

Compatible with Vetus® or Side Power™ brand thrusters – giving you Joystick Piloting on almost any inboard-powered boat.

VETUS is a registered trademark of Vetus B.V. Private LLC. SIDE-POWER is a trademark of Sleipner Motor AS.
Makkelijk te manoeuvreren

Easier to Maneuver.

Joystick Piloting for Inboards makes docking and trailering much easier. The engine and thrusters work together in low-speed maneuvers, allowing you to make precise movements to pull up to the dock or load the boat on a trailer.

Watersporters veilig ophalen

Safely Pick up Riders.

With a twist of the joystick, you can quickly turn the boat around to pick up a rider without making a wide circle and without creating a lot of wake.

Smart Tow -lähtöprofiilit

Smart Tow Launch Profiles.

Mercury Smart Tow can set the cruise speed as low as 8 mph, letting you create the perfect conditions for wake surfing. It comes with five launch profiles, and you can customize up to eight more – so you can personalize the ride to the rider.

Smart Tow is a standard feature on all Mercury VesselView displays and the SC1000 gauge, and is available on MercMonitor.
Turns any pilot into a seasoned pro.

Turns any pilot into a seasoned pro.

With Mercury Joystick Piloting, you can dock surely, safely and with total confidence. The crew? They can just sit back and be impressed.

全方位 360 度操控,尽在您的指尖。

Full 360 degree control. Right at your fingertips.

Move sideways, diagonally or spin the boat on its own axis. Dock in close quarters without being concerned about wind or current. Easily load the boat on a trailer. Throttle, shift and steering - right at your fingertips.


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