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From Zeus pod drive steering to Joystick Piloting; Skyhook virtual anchor; and VesselView, the premiere engine information display in the marine industry, Mercury Marine continues to expand on its “internet of things” strategy to make boating easier.  In 2016, Mercury added VesselView Mobile and an updated Joystick and Skyhook feature to its portfolio of technologies.

George Poveromo, the host of NBC Sports World of Saltwater Fishing, explains how Mercury’s IoT is changing boating and allowing everyone to feel empowered on the water in this new video:

“It starts with the engine, but if you look around the boat, some of our biggest technology breakthroughs have come from our controls like Joystick Piloting, Skyhook, Active Trim and Vessel View,” said David Foulkes, Mercury Marine vice president of product development, engineering and Racing & Brunswick Corporation chief technology officer.

“We listen to our customers and make judgments based on their needs. Our ability at Mercury to design technologies from the ground up gives us an advantage over the competition.”

“The automotive industry does a great job at introducing new technology, and Mercury is doing the same in the marine industry,” said Poveromo. “Their attention to detail and extreme focus on what the customer wants not only sets them apart from anyone in the industry but is helping to grow the industry because they are making boating easier and safer for everyone.

“When you are running a boat, you are always trimming it manually. With Active Trim, you just turn the button and you don’t have to worry about trimming your engine – it does it all by itself. It does a better job than you. It simplifies the art of boating. It takes less time and concentration and helps you build confidence on the water.”

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