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可用于单和双发动机应用,阿尔法已有;高效的水动力剖面产生很少的阻力,这意味着更好的船性能和燃油经济性。 功能集成的水泵和永久润滑枢轴点让你花更少的时间在维护和更多的时间划船。 专为速度达 105公里/小时的船只、高达 300 马力的燃气发动机和高达 150 马力的柴油引擎而设计。

Mercury Propellers

Mercury props are engineered to convert every bit of horsepower into unmatched performance.

Learn More About MerCruiser Engines at a Mercury Dealer

No one understands marine performance like your local Mercury Authorized Dealer. Contact a dealer today to learn how you could power your adventures with a MerCruiser engine.

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