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Quick Tip: Engine Cowl Care

Keeping your outboard motor cowl clean is easy. Just follow these simple steps for that showroom shine!

If you grew up around boats, you might remember your mom, dad or perhaps your grandad wiping down their trusty two-stroke outboard with a dirty shop towel. With all due respect to Pops, times have changed, and there’s a much better way to keep the cowl and other external surfaces of your Mercury Outboard looking shiny and new for years to come.

In this Mercury Quick Tip video, we’ll show you the proper, factory-recommended way to clean, dry, polish and buff your pride and joy. All you need is a small bucket, water, mild detergent, Mercury Cowl Finishing Compound and four clean, soft cloths. The job takes only a few minutes to complete, and it will help keep your Mercury motor looking showroom fresh season after season.

Quick Tip: Engine Cowl Care
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