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How to Create a Snackle Box

Transform your tackle box into the perfect snack vessel.

How to Create a Snackle Box

No one wants to find themselves in the middle of an otherwise perfect day on the water with no provisions. After all, boating can be pretty demanding, and to keep going one needs sustenance. While you can sometimes dock your boat and grab some grub at a waterside establishment, that’s not always a convenient option. Plus, dining out can be pricey, and sometimes you aren’t looking for a full meal anyway. You just need some uncomplicated edibles at the ready. And when there’s more than just you on board, having a variety of snacks ensures there’ll be something to please everyone’s palate.  

That’s where the snackle box comes in. Just what is a snackle box, you ask? More than just a fun thing to say, a snackle box is a repurposed tackle box outfitted with your favorite consumables instead of your favorite lures and jigs. And depending on what you put inside, your snackle box can serve as a portable charcuterie board, a compact delicatessen or versatile veggie tray.

Now, the concept of repurposing is nothing new. People have been doing it for centuries. Repurposing is a great way to get more life out of one’s belongings by flexing those creative muscles. As long as there have been things for us to use, people have been coming up with unique ways to repurpose them, turning televisions into aquariums, dumpsters into swimming pools and suitcases into furniture. So, turning a tackle box into a snack attaché is a no-brainer. And increasing the lifespan of these items also keeps them out of landfills, which is also pretty darned cool.

While you can fill your snackle box with whatever suits you, we recommend including a variety of items both savory and sweet, along with some carbohydrates for energy and something that packs a little protein.

As for the container itself, use a spare tackle box or purchase a new one online or at your local tackle shop. Just don’t repurpose one that previously carried lead tackle. And whichever one you choose – old or new – be sure to wash and dry it thoroughly.

Here are some things to consider putting in your snackle box:

  • Fresh, sliced vegetables such as peppers, sugar snap peas or radishes
  • Cubes or wedges of cheese
  • Crackers
  • A variety of nuts such as almonds, cashews and pistachios
  • Olives
  • Fruits such as grapes or apple slices (Avoid fruits that are especially juicy – they could make your other snacks soggy.)
  • Dried, cured meats such as salami (Cured meats tend to hold up longer than those that require refrigeration.)
  • Something sweet such as bridge mix or peanut clusters

Once you have chosen and prepared all your items, all you need to do is fill each of the compartments, using the bigger ones for those things that require a little more space, like crackers. And be sure to keep your completed snackle box in a cooler to keep food fresh and prevent things like chocolate from melting.

Ultimately, what you put in your snackle box is up to you, so have fun, be creative and get snacking!

How to Create a Snackle Box
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