Make a difference






Achieving greater energy efficiency by implementing energy-reducing projects, promoting best practices in energy management and employing new energy technologies.


Preserving the natural places where customers use Mercury products for work and play; decreasing the use of natural resources through conservation, redeployment and recycling; and returning purified resources to the planet whenever possible.


Minimizing engines' impact on water, land and air--recognizing the need for an unspoiled environment in which to live and enjoy Mercury products.


Helping people who relate with Mercury Marine--employees, partners, customers and the communities where Mercury operates--to enjoy, happier and healthier and more fulfilling lives.



Download the 2019 / 2020 Sustainability Report

In this report you will read about the strides we've made under each of Mercury's four pillars of sustainability, Energy, Environment, Product and People.


"With our successes today and the solutions we will continue to develop for the future, we are creating a legacy toward not only a better company but also a better world."

  - Chris Drees, President Mercury Marine