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Go Faster. Go Farther. Go Boldly. 

Maybe your boat doesn’t perform the way it used to or the way you’d like. Maybe your family has grown, and your boat needs more power. Perhaps your outboard engine has reached the end of its service life, or the parts to fix it have become difficult to find. Whatever the reason, replacing an old outboard can deliver improved performance, increased fuel economy and better handling for a more enjoyable boating experience.

More Power.

Mercury outboard engines are light and compact, but deliver the power serious boaters demand. Repowering your boat with a new Mercury outboard can give you awesome hole shot, quicker acceleration, higher top-end speed, or, in some cases, all three.

Newer Technology.

Mercury provides the brawn and the brains thanks to technologies such as SmartCraft, which includes a full suite of gauges, sensors, vessel systems and computer-controlled features in one package. SmartCraft makes your boating experience easier, safer and a lot more enjoyable.

Easier Maintenance.

For more than 80 years, Mercury has strived to engineer reliable, easy-to-maintain outboard motors. Longer intervals between service mean you’ll spend less time on maintenance and more time on the water. When it’s time for a routine check, features such as our exclusive Top Cowl Service Door* and color-coded maintenance points make the job easy.

*Available on select models.

More Fuel Efficient.

Mercury engines are designed to save you money on fuel with features such as Advanced Range Optimization (ARO),* which utilizes electronic sensors to precisely adjust the fuel mixture for the best-possible efficiency at all speeds. You won’t feel or hear it working, but you’ll notice the difference at the gas dock.

*Available on select models.

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What To Consider When Repowering

Finance Your Repower

With Mercury Repower Financing, you can easily power up everything from runabouts to cruisers with flexible financing. You can also choose to finance the entire engine package, including rigging, gauges and installation. Mercury Repower Financing offers low rates and low monthly payments.

Consider Other Improvements

Mercury offers a full suite of gauges, controls, rigging and accessory options that can enhance the boating experience no matter what type of boat you run. Ask your Mercury Repower Center dealer about additional features for your engine package.

Discuss Your Needs with Your Dealer

Do you want to reach your favorite fishing spots faster? Will you be pulling kids on a tube? Are you looking for easier, quieter operation for your evening cruise? Your Mercury Repower Center will use this information to help you select the right outboard for you and your boat.

Choose a Trusted Mercury Repower Center

Mercury Repower Centers are managed by experienced dealers who can help you through the process and make sure you get the best setup for your boat.

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