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New Mercury Diesel 6.7L engine family unveiled at Miami International Boat Show

Feb. 16, 2017

New Mercury Diesel 6.7L engine family unveiled at Miami International Boat Show

Nova família de motores Mercury Diesel 6.7L lançada na Miami International Boat Show

Miami, FL - Mercury Marine is pleased to announce the new Mercury Diesel 6.7L midrange engine family. The new electronic, common-rail engines will be offered with three power levels: 480hp, 500hp and 550hp. They will be available as inboards or packaged with the Mercury Zeus pod-drive.

The new Mercury Diesel engine is compatible with Mercury’s full suite of SmartCraft controls and electronics, including optional joystick piloting for inboards and joystick piloting for pods (Zeus).

“Mercury has established itself as providing the best integrated propulsion solutions to our customers,” said David Foulkes, Brunswick Corporation’s Vice President & Chief Technology Officer and Mercury Marine vice president – Product Development, Engineering and Racing. “This is the first opportunity to provide our fully integrated ecosystem of technology and ease of boating features to our mid-range diesel customer.”

“Our strategic partnership with Mercury Marine, initiated in 2015, emphasizes the FPT Industrial technological leadership by providing our customers with best in class product and service, bolstering FPT Industrial’s competitiveness in the marine engine business,” said Massimo Rubatto, Vice President Sales at FPT Industrial.

The new Mercury Diesel 6.7L engines are assembled at FPT Industrial’s dedicated marine engine plant that adopts the latest in quality controls. 

Mercury’s new mid-range diesel family offers outstanding acceleration and top speed performance combined with quiet and smooth operation. The state-of-the art engine control system and electronic common-rail fuel injection technology also provides low fuel consumption resulting in affordable operating costs and extended range.

“We want to be our customer’s first choice when it comes to selecting a power option. Expanding into the mid-range diesel market offers Mercury the opportunity to deliver on our brand promise to customers in this premium boat segment,” said Reinhard Burk, Mercury Marine Senior Director of Diesel & Propulsion Strategy. “With this new offering, the consumer isn’t just adopting Mercury’s diesel engine, but will have access to our entire range of SmartCraft features, support and most importantly our service network.”

For detailed information, including specifications and dimensions, click here to download the brochure.

Features and benefits


  • L6 Ladder frame design
  • Gray Iron, high strength block and heads
  • Fracture split connecting rods
  • Rear gear train timing system
  • Functional engine lay out
  • Equipped with oil evacuation system

Lubrication System

  • Self-draining oil filter for clean filter changes
  • Pistons oil cooled by J-jets

Fuel System

  • Custom, engine mounted Racor priming pump
  • Bosch CP3.3 high pressure pump
  • CRIN 2 fuel injectors
  • 4 micron filter protecting the system

Engine Control

  • Bosch EDC17 Controller
  • Controller isolated mounted to ensure durability

Air Intake

  • Walker filter / silencer included for noise reduction


  • Single turbo
  • Waste gated
  • Closed cooled

Cooling System

  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Closed cooled engine for corrosion protection
  • Seawater cooled charge air cooler
  • Standard cabin heater connections

Exhaust System

  • Closed cooled manifold
  • Closed cooled turbocharger
  • Seawater cooled riser

Electrical System

  • Either 12 V or 24 V available
  • High output alternator (12V = 90 Amp; 4V = 70 Amp)


  • EPA Tier 3
  • RCD 2
  • IMO Tier 2
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