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Mercury introduces Verado®, FourStroke, Pro XS® and SeaPro® V8 and V6 models ranging from 175-300hp

May 18, 2018


Fond du Lac, Wisc. - Mercury Marine introduced something for almost every boater May 18 by launching 12 new V8 outboards and yet another new V6 model. The introductions followed the debut of four V6 engines at the Miami International Boat Show in February and represent the single-largest product development project in Mercury’s 79-year history.

The new V8 and V6 engines include:

  • Verado: V8 4.6L 250hp AMS and 300hp AMS (joining the existing L6 350hp Verado)
  • FourStrokeV6 3.4L 175hp, 200hp and 225hp; V8 4.6L 250hp and 300hp
  • Pro XSV6 3.4L 175hp; V8 4.6L 200hp, 225hp, 250hp and 300hp
  • SeaPro: V6 3.4L 200hp; V8 4.6L 225hp, 250hp, 300hp and 300hp AMS

The new engines have created massive anticipation throughout the global boating community.

“In Miami, we said the V6 was Step One of our 2018 introductions, and we are thrilled to officially announce Step Two,” said John Pfeifer, president of Mercury Marine. “These new V8 engines, like the V6, will set a new benchmark in the marine industry.”

Mercury’s new V8 and V6 outboards are highly configurable to meet the needs of a wide variety of boating segments, from Verado’s refined performance; to the FourStroke’s fuel efficiency and rigging versatility; to the competitive edge that Pro XS provides tournament anglers; and to SeaPro’s remarkable commercial durability and reliability.

The new V6 and V8 engines complete Mercury’s industry-leading portfolio in the 175-300hp range.

“These engines are naturally aspirated, durable, powerful and provide options for the consumer that they’ve never had before,” said Pfeifer. “This new lineup aligns with what consumers are asking for, and we are delighted to deliver it to them.”

New 250 & 300hp Verado

The new 250 and 300hp V8 Verado outboard motors raise the bar for the marine industry – again. Continuing Verado’s legacy as the most refined outboard on the water, the new V8 platform provides exhilarating performance across the rpm range. Sea trials have shown the 300hp Verado is up to 20 percent quicker and two mph faster than the closest competitor, while still providing up to 8 percent better fuel economy.

The V8 Verado engines are compatible with Mercury Joystick Piloting for Outboards for maximum maneuverability and control, and feature Mercury-engineered digital controls and electro-hydraulic power steering for smooth operation. Equipped with Adaptive Speed Control, they deliver increased throttle response and a “sportier” feel.

The Verado driving experience is further enhanced by class-leading sound-and-vibration reduction for an ultra-smooth and quiet ride. The new engines feature Mercury’s exclusive Advanced MidSection (AMS), which moves engine mounts aft and outward to virtually eliminate vibration from being transmitted to the boat. In fact, transmitted vibration is a whopping 60% less than the leading competitor’s 300hp engine. Models equipped with the AMS also feature electro-hydraulic power steering and are compatible with Mercury’s Joystick Piloting system, which provides maximum control and maneuverability in multi-engine applications.

Mercury-exclusive Advanced Sound Control allows users to toggle between ultra-quiet operation and a “throatier” sport sound.

Mercury’s Warm Fusion White, Cold Fusion White and Pearl Fusion White cowl-color options – in addition to traditional Phantom Black – let owners further personalize their boat.

New 250 & 300hp FourStroke

The new 250 and 300hp V8 FourStroke outboards are high-tech but not high-stress, delivering powerful performance while remaining quiet, efficient, reliable and strong. The high-displacement, quad-cam design of the new V8 powerhead generates plenty of torque, especially at mid-range. The 300hp FourStroke delivers up to 9% more torque than the nearest competitor at 3500-4500 rpm. It boasts class-leading 4.6L displacement yet is the lightest in the 300hp class by more than 10 pounds. Combine ample power with lightest-in-class weight and the result is exhilarating FourStroke performance from a highly reliable engine.

These new FourStrokes are also exceptionally versatile, offering consumers choices between mechanical or digital (Digital Throttle & Shift) controls and hydraulic or power steering. That versatility makes them the ideal outboard choice for repowering a wide range of hulls. The new V8 FourStroke engines are also available in multiple colors.

New 175-300hp Pro XS

The new V6 175hp and the V8 200, 225, 250 and – for the first time ever – 300hp Pro XS engines are the next generation of tournament-winning performance. Featuring Mercury’s new lightweight cowl, these engines deliver everything the serious angler needs to remain competitive, including ample torque from their high-displacement powerheads and superior acceleration from quad-cam design and Transient Spark technology. The V8 250hp Pro XS bested the leading competitor in both acceleration and top end in sea trials – and delivered up to 16 percent better fuel economy at cruise. The next-generation TorqueMaster gearcase is available for select models; and 200-300hp Pro XS models are available with either mechanical or digital controls.

The V8 Pro XS performance-tuned exhaust tone is engineered to deliver a brawny sound quality guaranteed to turn heads. Dial in the new Pro XS models with a wide selection of Mercury propellers for ultimate performance.

New 225, 250 and 300hp SeaPro

Mercury bolstered its already-powerful family of SeaPro commercial outboards by launching four new V8 4.6L models in three horsepower classes: the 225, 250 and 300hp SeaPro models and the 300 SeaPro AMS (Advanced MidSection). All offer the durability, reliability and efficiency for which SeaPro is globally recognized.

The new SeaPro engines give Mercury a complete lineup of four-stroke commercial engines from 40hp to 300hp.

Mercury’s new V8 4.6L 225-300hp SeaPro engines are designed to offer higher displacement at a lighter weight than competitor models; in fact, each of the V8 SeaPro CMS (Conventional MidSection) models is the lightest in its class. Mercury has calibrated the new V8 SeaPro models to produce loads of torque at lower rpm levels, enabling users to work their outboards hard without placing stress on the engine, while their exceptionally compact, lightweight design combines with Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) to maximize fuel economy at cruise.

A high-output alternator in the V8 SeaPro CMS models delivers 20 amps net at idle and 85 peak amps, while the V8 300hp SeaPro AMS engine boasts a class-leading 115-amp alternator.

The 225-300hp SeaPro models come equipped with a boat-mounted water-separating fuel filter kit, diagnostic SmartCraft gauges, and a graphic owner’s manual supplement.

SeaPro’s industry-leading warranty for commercial users Includes protection against corrosion, a significant advantage over competing products.

True to SeaPro’s workhorse heritage, the new V8 225-300hp SeaPro models are engineered to deliver years of trouble-free performance. They are manufactured with heavy-duty components to cope with the demands of global commercial operation – including a gearcase that is validated at three times the lifespan of a recreational gearcase.

The new V8 300hp SeaPro is also available with the Advanced MidSection (AMS), providing an exceptionally smooth ride. AMS models also feature electro-hydraulic power steering and are compatible with Mercury’s Joystick Piloting for Outboards system.

Standout innovations of the new Mercury V8 and V6 outboards:

  • Select V8 and V6 CMS (Conventional MidSection) outboards are compatible with mechanical or digital controls, hydraulic or power steering, and the Mercury Big Tiller.
  • Adaptive Speed Control maintains a desired rpm regardless of changes in load or conditions without adjustments to the throttle lever position – a first for the outboard industry.
  • Exceptionally smooth and quiet: Tuned multi-chamber air intake minimizes airborne noise; fuel injector covers reduce high-frequency noise.
  • Industry-exclusive battery-management technology: When battery voltage decreases, the engine will automatically increase idle rpm to boost alternator output and recharge low batteries to the proper level, protecting operators from draining their batteries while trolling.
  • The exclusive Top Cowl Service Door simplifies routine maintenance – you can check the oil level or add oil without removing the top cowl.

Watch as Mercury dealers and boatbuilders experience the new V8 engines for the first time:

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