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How to Tie the Improved Clinch Knot

This easy-to-learn knot is useful everywhere


Knots can be among the most intimidating and confusing aspects of fishing. After all, there are dozens of them an angler could learn, and poor knots can easily cause you to lose fish.

The good news is there’s no need for knot anxiety. Knowing just a handful of knots is plenty for most recreational anglers, and you can learn and add them to your repertoire one at a time until you are comfortable and fast with each.

A great all-purpose knot to start with is the improved clinch knot. In this video, legendary freshwater angler and Mercury Pro Team member Gary Parsons from “The Next Bite” TV show tells you when and why he uses the improved clinch knot, and demonstrates exactly how to tie and snug it up. He also shares a helpful tip for tying the knot with some of today’s thin “super lines,” which are notoriously slick and can be difficult to knot securely.

While Parsons is using the improved clinch knot for ice fishing in the Upper Midwest of the United States in the video, this knot is popular and effective in almost all manner of fishing, from bass and walleye to offshore saltwater trips and everything in between.

For more great fishing advice from Parsons and the rest of the crew at “The Next Bite,” visit or their YouTube page, or follow Parsons on Facebook and Instagram.

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How to Tie the Improved Clinch Knot
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