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We invested thousands of hours in crafting the most contemporary and refined marine engines in history. So you can spend your days going farther and faster with more confidence.

Introducing the all-new Mercury


Start Faster

The new Mercury FourStroke delivers incredible hole shot to get you moving faster and fishing sooner – and the thrill of having your hat blown off now and then.

Get on Plane Fast

At 3.4L, the new Mercury V-6 FourStroke boasts ample displacement in the 175-225hp range. Greater displacement means less work to produce more horsepower and torque, which results in greater acceleration.

Lightest Weight

Lower engine weight means higher power-to-weight ratio, enhanced performance, and better fuel efficiency.

Performance-inspired Configuration

The FourStroke’s four-valve, dual overhead cam design delivers greater acceleration.

Advanced Hydrodynamics

The FourStroke’s gearcase is designed to reduce drag and deliver more stable high-speed performance.

Optimized Mount Packages

Engine mount package is fine-tuned to achieve peak performance without sacrificing a smooth and quiet ride. Mercury engineers spent countless hours dampening sound and dialing in the configuration of the mount packages to create the optimal balance between performance and vibration.

Light and Mighty

Mercury FourStrokes provide premium power and torque in a lightweight package for better maneuverability, greater acceleration, and maximum exhilaration. And you'll love the fuel economy!

Lightest Weight

Every component has been engineered to meet stringent standards at the absolute minimum weight, making the 3.4L V-6 FourStroke the lightest outboard in its class by more than 10 pounds.

26-inch Mounting Centers

The FourStroke’s narrow, 64-degree bank angle and single-point cowl latch system enable tighter fit to the engine block. The extremely compact engine makes multi-engine installations feasible on a broader range of boats.

Go Farther

With superior “cruise” fuel economy, Mercury FourStroke engines take you farther, allow you to stay out longer, and have more fun on the water without spending a fortune on fuel. And isn't that what boating is all about?

Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) and closed-loop fuel control

Work together to adjust the fuel mixture and deliver the best possible fuel efficiency.

Advanced Lubrication System

Optimized bearing sizes and oil flows minimize friction and oil temperature to help the engine operate more efficiently.

Drive System

Optimized hydrodynamic shapes minimize drag and increase fuel economy.

More Insight More Access

For an in-depth look at the new line of Mercury Marine products, see your Mercury dealer.

Fourstroke V6Spécifications

Chevaux vapeur

225 / 200 / 175


5200-6000 / 5000-5800 / 5000-5800

Type de moteur



209 CID (3.4L)


24-valves, DOHC


SmartStart Electric

Gear Ratio



85 amp (1071 watt)

Trim System

Power trim and tilt

Dry Weight*

475 lbs (215kg)
*lightest available model


Hydraulic (standard), Power (options)

Shaft Length*

20in (508mm), 25in (635mm), 30in (762mm)*30 in (762mm) only available on 225


Phantom Black and Cold Fusion White
*White paint only available on 200 and 225 FourStroke models

Large Displacement

Delivers Mercury’s best-ever hole shot, top speed and fuel efficiency


Lightest weight in its class by more than 10 pounds

Advanced Range Optimization (ARO)

Advanced Range Optimization (ARO) seamlessly adjusts flow to maximize fuel economy

Maintenance Access Door

Maintenance Access Door makes it easy to check and fill engine oil without removing the cowl