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Carter Andrews Isn’t After Pan-sized Trout

The name – The Obsession of Carter Andrews – says it all.

On the Water

Carter Andrews is absolutely obsessed with catching fish. Maybe “possessed” is more accurate. His goals can be boiled down to this: catch the biggest, strongest, wildest fish everywhere. He is a poster child for the “Go Boldly” kind of angler.

Andrews’ obsession was born on farm ponds in Tennessee, raised on trout rivers in the Rockies and came of age in the big-fish waters of the Bahamas. That obsession now pulls Carter Andrews and his TV production crew to legendary locations around the globe. He could have become a mainstay on the elite bass circuit. He could have remained a high-profile guide for trout in Wyoming and saltwater monsters near the equator. Instead, he chose to become TV’s preeminent ambassador who introduces salivating anglers to many of the greatest fishing destinations – and species – in the world via his on-air program as master angler and guide.

“Aside from family, fishing is my life,” Andrews said. “I don’t think I have any friends who don’t fish. This is a way of life for me. The most fulfilling part of it is to be able to share my experiences with my friends who are with me and the viewers who are following us.

“For me, it does not really matter whether I am fishing the pond in the backyard or some distant ocean – I get the same feeling. I have always had that feeling and I don’t think I will ever lose it.”

Andrews, who operates a horse farm in Vero Beach, Florida, also spends time at his ranch in Jackson, Wyoming, and several months annually at the Islas Secas Resort in Panama as director of fishing. Wherever he goes, Andrews stalks every kind of fish in every possible way. He travels to the farthest reaches of the Earth to learn about, locate, and catch the most sought-after fish in the world. Each fish is beautiful, or huge, or sporting massive teeth – or all the above. While watching his show, you can feel Andrews’ muscles strain against the pull of a 100-pound tarpon, and you can share his soul-crushing despair when a line snaps from the strength of a gigantic Amazon catfish.

Andrews finds his way onto the water about 300 days each year, and every trip is drenched in the same passion and sense of adventure. He is obsessed, and big fish are his obsession.

Check local TV listings to view The Obsession of Carter Andrews on the Outdoor Channel.

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