An outboard beyond expectations.

Designed for unrivaled power.

Fueled by unwavering passion.

Introducing the Mercury V12 Verado.

600 horsepower. Expertly engineered to propel boating forward.

The first V12 powerhead designed for an outboard.

7.6-liter displacement makes light work of heavy vessels to get on plane quickly and impress at every speed.

Powerful quad-cam performance.

Designed to create instant, exhilarating power and acceleration, even when running at midrange.

Transient Spark Technology. Slingshot torque and acceleration.

Calibrated spark plug timing optimizes low-end power for instantly responsive performance.

From powerhead to prop, we reimagined the way horsepower meets the water.

An Advanced MidSection as refined as it is rugged.

Built for toughness, reliability and a smooth boating experience under extreme conditions. It’s the next generation of mounting systems.

The first outboard with a two-speed transmission.

Because smooth should happen at any speed.

Developed exclusively for the V12 Verado, a two-speed transmission delivers smooth performance, from effortless planing and cruising to exhilarating top-end speed.

The first-ever independently steerable gearcase on an outboard.

Make your big boat handle like a finely tuned sports car.

Yet another first for outboards. A steerable gearcase turns independently of the engine to revolutionize handling and free up transom space for multi-engine rigging. The result is smooth electro-hydraulic control and instant responsiveness.

Advanced hydrodynamics. The ultimate in handling and efficiency.

Designed to minimize resistance and drag, enhancing stability at high speeds and maximizing fuel efficiency.

Contra-Rotating props. Leave no horsepower behind.

Developed specifically to unleash the full potential of the V12 Verado, our props power heavy boats with astounding handling, acceleration and efficiency.

Four striking color options. A customizable, paint-ready finish. A breathtaking outboard, inside and out.





Mercury V12 Verado - PHANTOM BLACK
Mercury V12 Verado - WARM FUSION WHITE
Mercury V12 Verado - COLD FUSION WHITE
Mercury V12 Verado - PEARL FUSION WHITE

Few things are more precious than time on the water. We help you make the most of it.

Power should be felt, not heard.

The V12 Verado cowl helps prevent vibrations from reaching the boat, while noise reduction improvements dampen induction sounds and virtually eliminate injection noise.

Simpler maintenance means more time on the water.

Regular service intervals have been extended to 200 hours of operation, plus five years or 1000 hours for additional maintenance. A cowl hood provides easy access for regular service without ever removing the boat from the water.

A 150-amp alternator gives you more power to play with.

Quickly charge onboard batteries and provide intelligent support to the boat’s electrical system, ensuring ample power for any amenities you bring aboard.

Enhanced driving.

With its agile handling, the seriously powerful V12 Verado outboard delivers a driving experience that defies expectations. Intuitive features such as Next Gen Digital Throttle & Shift technology, Joystick Piloting, VesselView monitoring and Skyhook advanced controls ensure stress-free days on the water.

Fuel efficiency.

Full performance on 87-octane fuel plus efficient features like a hydrodynamic gearcase and a closed-loop fuel system mean fuel goes farther on the V12 Verado outboard. Advanced Range Optimization calibration precisely adjusts fuel delivery for the best possible efficiency at cruise.

Experience the V12 Verado for yourself.