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Quick Tip: How to Check Your Outboard Power Trim Fluid

Checking your outboard motor power trim fluid is an important maintenance step to keeping your engine in peak condition.


One of the key factors in being a successful do-it-yourselfer of any kind is knowing what you can handle and what’s best left to a professional. Fortunately, checking and topping off the power trim fluid on your Mercury outboard is an easy assignment. Even if you’ve never done it before, you’re less than a minute away from knowing how to do it.

In this Mercury Quick Tip, we’ll demonstrate the very simple steps involved in checking and refilling your power trim fluid. Just remember a few key things:

  • Tilt the engine ALL the way up to relieve pressure in the system and engage the tilt lock support for added safety.
  • Use genuine Mercury Power Trim & Steering Fluid.
  • It’s natural for the outboard to need a little fluid from time to time, but if it consistently needs a fair bit of fluid – or if there are visible signs of a leak – contact your Mercury Authorized Dealer to get it checked out.
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