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Quick Tip: Steps to Securing Your Boat Before Your Hit the Road

Before you take your boat out on the road, make sure to perform the following steps to ensure that your boat is secure.


Loading your boat on the trailer and properly securing it after a trip on the water can be a little intimidating, especially when other people are waiting to load or unload their boats.

While you want to be expeditious to give others their turn, don’t ever lose sight of safety as your No. 1 priority. This means following your established routine, every step of the way, no matter what. That way, when you do start the drive home, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is safe and secure. In this Mercury Quick Tip video, we demonstrate everything you need to do – in sequence, from the moment the boat slides onto the trailer until you hit the road – to ensure a safe and drama-free commute.

There’s nothing magic about this procedure; it’s just a few simple steps. And most of them can be done after you’ve cleared the immediate ramp area, so you take your time to do everything properly, and then do a quick double check prior to driving away, without delaying anyone else. 

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Quick Tip: Steps to Securing Your Boat Before Your Hit the Road
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