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Quick Tip: Solo Boat Launching Made Easy

It’s always nice when a family member or buddy can help you launch your boat, but it’s certainly not mandatory.


Even if there’s no one else to catch a dock line or manage the winch for you, you can still safely and easily secure the boat to the dock or shore so you can go park your tow vehicle and trailer. Follow the steps demonstrated in this Mercury Quick Tip video. Just remember, the basic steps of launching your boat are extremely important when you don’t have someone there to assist:

  • Always engage the parking brake before exiting the tow vehicle.
  • Never leave the boat untethered – even for a moment – until you are in the boat with the engine running.
  • Boat ramps can be slick, so be extra careful you don’t slip and fall.
  • Whenever possible, tie up your boat so it’s clear of the ramp in case someone else needs to load or unload before you get back from the parking area.
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Quick Tip: Solo Boat Launching Made Easy
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