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Quick Tip: Hydraulic Release

Learn how to utilize your ouboard's manual hydraulic release.


Hypothetically, let’s say you’re on the water and you’ve tilted your engine partially or all the way up to pass over a shallow spot, or maybe to check your propeller . . . but when you attempt to lower your engine nothing happens.

You try the trim/tilt switch repeatedly at the helm, as well as the motor-mounted switch, and still nothing. Now what? There are a number of things that could create this situation, but at that moment you just need to get your engine back into a running position so you can at least return home.

No need to panic – your Mercury outboard has a built-in manual hydraulic release, just in case you are faced with this rather rare issue.

This Mercury Quick Tip video will show you what to do. It won’t repair the problem, but it will show you how to lower the engine into the desired position so you can get to the ramp safely and take it to a Mercury Authorized Dealer for repair.

A very important word of caution: Make absolutely certain you and everyone else aboard has their hands, fingers, feet, etc., well away from the engine as you activate the manual release. Otherwise body parts could easily get smashed, pinched or caught when the engine drops, and there will be no way to raise the engine back up once it’s lowered.

Once you do get the engine tilted back down, remember two important things:

  • You won’t have trim capability for the ride home, so take it easy and be aware that your boat will likely handle differently than usual.
  • Once your boat is on its trailer, you will not be able to use the power tilt to raise your engine, so be careful you don’t hit the ramp with the lower unit as you pull out.
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Quick Tip: Hydraulic Release | Mercury Marine
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