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Quick Tip: How to Remove Carpet Stains in Your Boat

Follow these steps in the video below to make your carpet clean again!


Unpleasant stains in your boat’s carpet can be gone in a flash with the use of just a few household items and a little know-how.

A spilled beverage on your boat is pretty much unavoidable, and any liquid with a little color is going to leave a stain in the carpet. So, once the inevitable happens, are you destined to see that ghost of coffee past until the day you trade in your boat? Thankfully, no – you can make short work of most stains without the expensive assistance of a professional carpet cleaner. In this Mercury Quick Tip, you’ll learn how you can take a few items you likely already have in your home or garage and remove most common stains in just a few minutes.

Remember, the quicker you take care of stains the better results you’ll typically see, but there’s certainly no harm in trying this method on blemishes that have been annoying you for years.

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Quick Tip: How to Remove Carpet Stains in Your Boat | Mercury Marine
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