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Quick Tip: How to Install a Transducer Mounting Plate on Your Boat

A mounting plate gives you the freedom to adjust or move your transducers without drilling more holes in the boat’s transom

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One of the biggest differences between the boats of today and those of a couple decades ago is the electronics. Many of today’s boats come equipped with GPS, sonar, radar, chartplotters, engine and vessel monitors, sound systems, and the list goes on. Some boaters still elect to go with a minimalist setup, but many fill up the dash and then some. It all depends on personal preference and needs.

Installing these items can be within the reach of boaters with even minimal DIY skills, but lots of people draw the line at installing a hull-mounted transducer. After all, that’s a job that requires drilling holes below the waterline, which is not to be taken lightly. And if you’ve got more than one transducer to mount the apprehension goes up even more.

Fear not: Professional boat rigger Andy Kratochvil and Wired2Fish have teamed up for this Mercury Quick Tip Video that will show you how to mount a transducer in a way that’s as easy on your nerves as it is on your boat. The secret is using a transducer mounting plate so you only have to put two small holes in your transom. The plate is really just a small, inexpensive piece of polyethylene plastic or a similar durable, synthetic material. It’s fastened to the hull with two small screws and a little marine silicone adhesive to help seal the holes and keep the plate in place. You then mount your transducers to the plate with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can easily adjust or move them on the plate without drilling any more holes in your actual hull.

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Quick Tip: How to Install a Transducer Mounting Plate on Your Boat
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