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Quick Tip: How to Dock Your Boat

New to boating? Check out these great tips for learning to dock your boat.

How-To On the Water

With a few simple supplies like docklines and fenders, and following these simple step-by-step instructions, it's easy to look like a pro. Watch the video

Docking can be rather stressful for those new to boating, and even veterans can get flustered when the wind and current are up.

Just remember, we’ve all been there – and that safety trumps all else – so don’t panic. And with a little practice and a few pointers like the ones you’ll find in this Mercury Quick Tip video, you’ll soon be quickly and confidently docking virtually every time. Here are a few other suggestions for you:

  • Never put any part of your body between the boat and dock while docking. Your hand isn’t replaceable.
  • Before leaving the helm of a boat, make absolutely certain it’s not in gear.
  • Take a moment to learn how to quickly tie and secure a proper cleat hitch.
  • Be gentle and judicious with the throttle as you approach and maneuver. Never roll up to a dock faster than you’re willing to hit it.
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Quick Tip: How to Dock Your Boat
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