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Mercury Introduces Variety Mix Playlist on Spotify

New playlist recalls the spirit of the mix tape, giving listeners a mish mash of music to enjoy

On the Water Be Inspired
Mercury Introduces Variety Mix Playlist on Spotify

Do you remember the mix tape? That perfect collection of songs curated by your friend with the monster record collection. Part art, part science, they paired songs that on the surface seemed fiercely incompatible, yet together supported the overarching theme of the mix. After all, it shouldn’t make sense that the Bee Gees’ “Nights on Broadway” should sound so right on the heels of “Melissa” by the Allman Brothers Band. But somehow it just does! 

Today, playlists are the modern version of the mix tape. But creating them takes time – time you could be spending on the water. With that in mind, Mercury Marine® has done you a solid – creating a playlist that moves from classic pop to hip hop and modern pop to new age with confidence.

It’s our brand-new Spotify® Variety Mix playlist. Recalling the spontaneous glory of the mix tape, the Variety Mix playlist is an aural patchwork of music genres sure to offer something for everyone. Do yourself a solid and check it out today. You can also stream our other two Spotify playlists, Summer Boating-Country and Summer Boating-Classic Rock. All Mercury playlists are available to all Spotify users, whether using the free or subscription-based app.


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