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Tournament angling is a one-person sport

Tournament fishing is about winning and — like golfers, wrestlers, rodeo cowboys and other one-person franchises — the success of a pro angler hinges on today's performance. So, if all that is accurate – if this is truly a one-person sport...

Who is that other person in the boat?

Spicy Shrimp on the Grill

Fishing outings often push the dinner hour towards dusk; and there are few of us who relish the idea of slaving in the kitchen preparing a nice dinner for ourselves or guests as the sun sets under the yardarm.

Prep ahead of time and look like a pro

Ott DeFoe Boldly Claims Bassmaster Classic Title

Knoxville native and hometown favorite Ott DeFoe was crowned Bassmaster Classic champion Sunday, March 17th, on the Tennessee River System, becoming the 28th Mercury Marine-powered angler to win the title.

What's his engine of choice?

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